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Different Cap construction of the Hairpieces

When it comes to wearing a hairpiece, the most important factor with most men is having the hairpiece look like their own hair. There are choices when it comes to hairpiece bases that can make your hairpiece look simply good or like the hair you were born with

Lace: French lace is one of the most common hairpiece bases for both men and women. French lace is incredibly thin, light and almost undetectable. This base also helps keep your hairpiece looking natural and feeling snug. For an even shearer base, choose an extra-fine Swiss-lace base. This ultra-thin lace base is almost completely invisible. The only draw back to the extra-fine Swiss-lace base is that the delicateness of the base calls for special care to prevent it from tearing or becoming ruined.

Polymers: Made of silicone or polyurethane, polymer hairpiece bases look and almost feel like your own skin. Because they are made of stronger materials — compared to French- and Swiss-lace bases — they are very durable, easy to care for, long lasting and much less expensive. There are a few drawbacks: The hairline of the piece should be made of lace to create a more natural look. Also, the silicone or polyurethane base can become very hot, sticky and uncomfortable — even in cooler weather.

Monofilament bases are similar to the look and feel of the French- and Swiss-lace bases but are not made of lace. The stiff monofilament will conform to the shape of your head and be able to hold the shape. One drawback of the monofilament, similar to the silicone or polyurethane hairpiece bases, is that you will need to add lace to the front of the base to keep your hairpiece looking natural and more like your own hair.

Hair Grafts: Hair grafts, also known as nonsurgical hair grafts, dermal grafts or thin skin, are completely invisible on your skin. They create a vacuum-seal on your head, keeping your piece secure all day long. With hair grafts, you can have real human hair “injected” or knotted into the base. This not only will make your hairpiece look 100-percent real, but you can have the hair injected at different angles to look like natural growth patterns or cowlicks.

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