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Different kinds of hair weave

Women have different reasons for wearing hair weaves. They may want extra length, volume, or a completely different look for one night. Knowing what you want from a style will help you determine which type of weave to get. You also need to research cost and time to make the best decision.


Women wear hair weaves for a variety of reasons. Some women want longer hair instantly without going through a time-consuming grow-out phase. Others want more volume than their natural hair has. Women whose hair has begun to thin, either due to age or health reasons, may also wear weaves to hide thinning areas. For women who want to try out different hair colors without applying chemicals to their own hair, wearing hair weaves in various colors allows them to experiment.


Hair weaves are made of human hair or synthetic hair. Human hair is donated or sold by women primarily from Asia or India. Synthetic hair is made of plastic.

Human hair can be treated and styled the same way you would treat your own hair. It can be shampooed, conditioned, dyed, heat styled and chemically treated.

Synthetic hair weaves aren’t as versatile as human hair weaves. Synthetic hair should never be heat styled; the heat will melt it. Synthetic hair comes in varying textures and will be worn in the same texture the whole time a woman wears it. If it’s a curly weave, it has to remain curly.

Human hair weaves are more costly than synthetic hair weaves.

Time Frame

Human hair weaves are designed to last longer than synthetic hair. Once a human hair weave is attached to a woman’s head, it can last for up to eight weeks. These types of weaves are normally affixed to braids that are attached to the scalp. Weave wefts are sewn into the braids.

Synthetic hair isn’t made to last as long. This type of weave normally lasts one night to a couple of weeks. It can be attached in a temporary fashion, such as with a clip (clip-in extensions), bonding glue or sewn in.


Women need to take care of their hair beneath the weave. This includes regular shampooing, where the focus should be on cleansing the scalp. Weave hair should be combed and brushed daily. You can apply mousse and gel to human hair weaves, but shouldn’t use any products on synthetic hair, whose style is already in place.


Do not leave a weave in longer than the recommended time frame. Women with curly or oily hair may find that their natural hair begins to mat and tangle if they don’t remove their weave in a timely manner. When using bonding glue to attach extensions, care must be taken when removing. Use products specifically designed to remove glue to prevent any damage to your hair or scalp.

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