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Hair wefts and Clip in hair extensions

Getting longer hair certainly isn’t easy, especially if you have to wait well over 1 year to get that hair length that you have always wanted. This is why you may be considering either clip in extensions or hair wefts for your hair – you want the longer hair, but you don’t have the months, if not years, to wait for your hair to grow out. So which ones are better?

Hair Wefts

Not many people outside of the African-Caribbean community have heard of hair wefts. Hair wefts have been used for years by African-Caribbean women. A hair weft is a piece of synthetic hair that is sewn into one’s hair, giving it a semi-permanent effect (just as if you were to glue in hair extensions).

A hair weft looks somewhat like a “half-wig”. The hair weft clips from one side of your head to the other side of the head, and is clipped under the top layer of hair. This will help give your hair a fuller effect, especially as it covers both sides of the head and the back.

You can find hair wefts in a number of different colors, lengths and styles, from curly to wavy to straight.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are increasingly popular as they cost significantly less than the other type of hair extensions that you would have fused to your hair. Most of the clip-in hair extensions are made of up synthetic fiber, though you can also find clip in hair extensions that are made up of human hair.

Given that the bonded type of hair extensions can easily cost you well over $1000 to have done well, you may be looking into choosing the clip in hair extensions. These types of extensions come in every shade and color, and are more often than not high heat friendly so you can still style your hair as per usual with the clip in hair extensions in.

The length and the width of the extensions also vary greatly, so you can better choose just where you will be placing the clip in hair extensions on your head. If you purchase a packet of hair extensions, expect to find several different widths and lengths in the package so that you can best use them to achieve the thickness or length that you want to acquire.

Which is Best for Me?

Both are great for adding that extra length of hair, but there are some benefits to using one above the other. For example, clip in hair extensions allow you the option of adding a lot of different contrasting colors and highlights to your hair. You can create different looks for your hair simply by clipping in a different color, rather than going through the tedious and expensive task of dying your hair different shades to give it that multidimensional effect.

If you want to obtain a thicker effect, then a hair weft is definitely the way to go. Hair wefts instantly add more thickness to any hair ‘do in just a few clicks, whereas clip in hair extensions would take several packs to achieve this very same effect.

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