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Invisible Hair Weave

Invisible hair weaving is a relatively new technique used in the world of hair extensions. As the hair extension industry progresses, new techniques are created to produce hairstyles that are more natural and realistic to the eye. From painfully visible wigs and hard hairlines to soft hairlines that could fool even the most trained eye, hair extensions have come a long way.

Invisible hair weaving is an ideal way to install hair extensions because no thread or braids are used to attach the weave to the natural hair, resulting in a weave installation that is smooth to the touch. The wefts used in invisible hair weaving are made of a thin clear strip of polyurethane, and are referred to as skin wefts because they blend in with the scalp. Unlike wefts used for other hair weaving like sew-ins, wefts used for invisible hair weaving have the actual hair extensions incorporated into the weft, creating a natural, from the scalp look.


Skin wefts come with their own bonding tape, no glue or alternative adhesive tape is required unless you would like to use it. Invisible hair weaving is one of the quickest hair extension techniques to use because no time is needed to braid the natural hair. Start by horizontally parting your natural hair where you want to place the skin wefts. Pin up the extra hair and hold one of the skin wefts against your part to measure the length of the weft. If cutting is required, make sure to slowly cut the weft.

Once your weft is cut, remove the protective bonding strip and place the weft 1 cm below your part, making sure to not place it directly on the skin. Lift up the weft and clip the hair extensions out of the way to expose the underside of the weft. Next, remove the bonding strip from another skin weft measuring the same length as the current one, and attach it to your current weft. Squeeze the two wefts together to form a bond and comb the hair from both wefts back into place. Repeat these steps until you have attached your desired amount of skin wefts.

The end result should look clean, flowing and natural. Invisible hair weave installs can last from two to four months with proper care, and the initial process can take one to two hours depending on the experience of the stylist. Skin wefts, glue and bonding tape for invisible hair braiding can be bought at a beauty supply store.

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