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Lace Front wigs Installation

For a lace front wig:

Clean the area where you want to tack down the lace (usually the temples) and proceed as in the previous steps.

Remember most lace front wigs do not need this extra step, correct placing and pinning should make the piece feel secure enough. Always use the spirit gum sparingly. Very Good Way to Attach Any Lace Front wigs:

  • 1 Clean hair and or scalp and dry. ( Exfoliate scalp for best results), cut off excess lace on unit leaving about half inch on.
  • 2 Applying scalp protector to the lace and will provide easier clean up.
  • 3 Apply red liner tape to inside of lace wig on the tracking can apply only on the temple areas and back area as you see the fit of wig.
  • 4 Using a make up sponge or small painting brush, apply 2 thin coats of glue to the tape, now applied to the tracks on the unit.
  • 5 Let stand for 5 to 10 minutes until glue is tacky.
  • 6 In the meantime, apply tape to your own head on the same positions as on the unit. Repeat step 5 on your head.
  • 7 Place the unit on your head and press firmly, adjusting it for proper fit.

This method will protect the lace front wigs from fraying indefinitely. Using the popular 3/4″ Redor blue Liner Track Tape, cut the Red Liner Tape down the center creating many 3″ long strips 3/8″ wide. Place one cut of the Tape starting 1/2″ on to the polyurethane tape patch area where the lace front connects to it. Began laying the strip of the Red Liner tape (with the liner still attached) directly on the very front hairline of the lace edge. Press it firmly onto the lace. Continue placing strips all the way around the front pressing firmly as you go. As the tape strip will need to be cut a few times to make it conform to the arc of the front it will be necessary to overlap the Red Liner Tape slightly. Do this by peeling up the edge of the Red Liner next to the strip you are working with. Continue laying the strips until you have finished taping the entire front edge from side to side with the 3/8″ strips. Finish your final strip 1/2″ on to the Polyurethane area next to the lace front where it is attached on that side also. There must be no separations in this tape strip line.

You have now created a clear see through Red Liner tape Ribbon edge on the Lace front. This tape will stay on the edge for an extended period of time.

After the red plastic covering the adhesive is removed from the tape it is applied directly to the scalp. This tape should stick well for a few days even if the unit is removed from the customer’s head. After it stops sticking the liquid tape is used to attach the Front Red Liner Tape to the forehead. Simply brush on a light coating to the existing Red Liner Tape. The original Red Liner Tape can never be removed by the customer. That tape will stay for as long as you are comfortable with it – sometimes as long as 3 months. The customer may carefully clean the interior side of the Red Liner with adhesive cleaner-remover at any time.

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