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The allure of hair extensions

The all new and charming time is coming – hair extensions’ time, it’s exaggeration to say that hair extensions change the human life acutely, like the sparrow becomes to phoenix.

The mystery of hair extensions

When you are rare of hair or short of the hair length, the mystery of hair extensions become very obviously. The prompt hair extensions method plays a roll in your urgent need. You don’t care about the hair, don’t care about the color natural, just choose the similar color to your own hair, then you will enjoy the hair extensions and like the new style for you.

There are three kinds of material for hair extensions. One is all synthetic fiber hair extensions, its price is very cheap, but not natural, and it’s good for temporary stage performance. Second is synthetic fiber mixed with human hair, the price is medium, if you only want to add the density of your hair, this kind of hair extension is good choice for you. The last one is 100% human hair, the price is expensive, not to cause static electricity and it can be premed and dyed, so it will combined with your own hair naturally. Moreover, the time of usage for this kind of hair extension is longer than others. If your hair is rare or you can’t have a long hair, this is good choice for you to invest.

When you use clip in hair extensions, you will find it’s not too difficult, no needs of glue, there is a clip on hair extensions, and you can only attach the hair extensions to your own hair – the root of hair, and then use the clips to fix the hair extensions. The skill is more practiced, the effect will be more natural. Maybe you will concern of expose the clips, the secret is using the hair extensions, and the total weight should not to be exceeding your own hair 20%.

The advantage of hair extensions is to wear many times, and can be washed many times, you only get off the hair extensions from your head. When you are sleeping, it’s better to get off the hair extensions, as the joint may drag the scalp which will result in shedding, but if you are bending over for sleeping, it’s no need to get off the hair extensions. Also, the hair extensions should be washed on time to keep the clean condition, with soft shampoo and conditioner, then dry in air, not to use blowing machine.

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