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The Importance to Use Lace Wig with Good Care

With proper care and maintenance one of quality lace wig can last for 6 months up to a year or more but this depends on frequency of use. If you are wearing the lace wig everyday, then general wear and tear will reduce the life span of the lace wig unless you buy more than one unit. The cost of the unit works out to be cheaper than a weave as you can re-use the wig. Clients with severe hair loss such as Alopecia who wear the same unit everyday have an average life span of 3-4 months for a lace wigbefore it may require repair or complete replacement. The life span of the lace wig will ultimately fall with the owner and their care and maintenance regime.

You can sleep in the wig but we would advice you wear a silk scarf to wrap your head, just as you would your own hair to retain the style.

This wig is made and manufactured in Asia where temperatures can rise above 45 centigrade, 100 Fahrenheit! Our clients are all over the world in many extreme temperatures. With the right application your lace wig will not be affected by the temperature and will remain in place. Lace wig are lighter than standard wigs and therefore not as hot as most people would imagine.

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